Getting your proxies for the first time is simple. 

First, log into your account. Once you're there, click the 'View your Proxies' link.


Now scroll down to the part where you have all the proxies inside your package. They are in the following format: proxy:port:username:password


You need to select all those proxies, and hit Ctrl+C from your keyboard on a PC or Command+C if you're on a Mac. Now you need to create a new text file, where you will save your proxies. To do that fire up Notepad, or any other text editor you have, and inside of that new windows hit Ctrl+V on a PC, or Command+V if you are on a Mac.

Now you should have a file that looks like this:


And there you have it! Many programs will accept the list just like this. For details on using the proxies with specific programs, check out our other getting started articles.

We hope you've enjoyed this short tutorial, and if you have any questions regarding the use of proxies inside this software, please don't hesitate to contact us.